1. ETF Clinical Case: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

    A 49 year old male initially presented with a 10 year history of bilateral heel pain and numbness. Tinel’s sign was positive over the tarsal tunnel. His ETF TVT (timed vibration test) at the hallux was 3.2s left, 5.2s right. The patient went on to fail conservative care and eventually had NCV/EMGs confirming tarsal tunnel […]

  2. ETF Clinical Case: Combined Electrochemical Treatment (CET) Sensory Gains Quantified by ETF

    Background on CET Combined Electrochemical Treatment (CET) is a newer form of therapy emerging from leading pain management providers for the treatment of neuropathic pain. CET combines a local anesthetic block with an Electronic Signal Treatment (EST), a sophisticated electrical cell signaling modality delivered to the affected aspects of the body transcutaneously (1). Clinical Case A […]

  3. ETF Clinical Case: Morton’s Neuroma

    A 39 year old female presented complaining of pain at the 3rd interspace of the right foot of a one year duration. She denied trauma or other initiating events leading to her foot pain. She noted sharp, intermittent pain aggravated by all closed shoes. She used acetominophen for pain relief with limited results. Physical exam […]

  4. O’Brien Medical Supports Diabetes Research at UMaine

    The company proudly announces our support for diabetes research at the University of Maine. As part of our ongoing commitment to this cause, an unrestricted gift has been donated to the Townsend Lab.  Dr. Kristy Townsend and her team are making impressive contributions in several areas including energy balance and neuroplasticity. Some of their discoveries […]

  5. The Link Between Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, Depression and Ulcer Recurrence

    As our current customers know, the ETF has a Constant Mode setting calibrated to the same vibration output as the 25v level on the biothesiometer. This allows users to rapidly evaluate neurological status by reproducing an established vibration perception threshold (VPT) value for diabetic neuropathy testing at the hallux. The importance of this threshold value […]