1. The “Heat Washout” Method Identifies Pedal Neuropathy

    Gjerum and Midttun recently published a study validating the utility of the “Heat Washout Method” as an alternative technique for identifying patients with pedal autonomic neuropathy. The study was performed on 15 elderly patients with established neuropathy enrolled in a Fall clinic. The test involves measuring blood flow to the foot in relation to postural […]

  2. Pediatric Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: Clinical Update

    The global burden of diabetes is currently estimated at 425 million and rising (1).  Unfortunately, this well-documented increase in diabetes among adults is mirrored by a similar trend in the pediatric population (2,3,4). Further analysis reveals a disturbing increase in Type 2 diabetes among these patients which some have linked to a rise in childhood […]

  3. Vibration Testing Improves Post-Op Pain Relief

    In our research into emerging uses for tuning forks, we came across an interesting study by Kothari et al. In their article, they hypothesized that improved timing of post-operative analgesics could be achieved by assessing the return of vibration perception. Specifically, they studied 60 male patients who had undergone inguinal herniorrhaphy under subarachnoid block. Patients […]

  4. Vibration Testing Gauges Onset and Recovery from Surgical Anesthesia

    Anesthesiologists have long observed that surgical anesthetic blocks tend to progress from smaller to larger diameter nerves. This onset of blockade results in a progressive loss of temperature (cold before hot), pain, light and deep touch, vibration and proprioception. Restoration of these sensations usually occurs in reverse order as patients recover from a block. 128 […]

  5. Vibration Testing Documents Outcomes After Neurosurgery

    As many of our chiropractic customers know, tuning forks can be useful tools in detecting radiculopathy. This is especially apparent in unilateral cases. It is even noted, sometimes incidentally, in the podiatry clinic. The ETF is adept at detecting these disparities due to the quantitative results inherent in its timed vibration test (TVT). An example […]