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  1. What is a TVT?

    The timed vibration test or TVT is a simple but powerful method of gauging neurological function. In particular, vibration testing assesses the large myelinated A-alpha and A-beta sensory fibers. TVTs have been done in research settings and to a limited extent in clinics for decades. In the past, this exam was performed with a traditional […]

  2. 5 Great Reasons to Accurately Diagnose and Track DPN

    All those involved in the care of diabetic patients understand the value of amputation prevention. In addition to this obvious reason to diagnose DPN, here are a few you may not have considered. In the spirit of evidenced-based medicine, supporting links are provided to relevant peer-reviewed articles. ADA Guidelines cite neurological screening in the feet […]

  3. Shakespeare On Adding Value

    Like many before me, I too sometimes feel the need to invoke the Bard for inspiration.  As some readers may know, I believe in the importance of integrating the liberal arts into unrelated disciplines including entrepreneurship (e.g., Caesar’s Guide for Innovators). In this vein, I suggest that Shakespeare’s technique of layering multiple meanings in the […]

  4. Startup as Step Function

    “I will never use this again”.  In the time-honored tradition of high school students everywhere, my 16 year old son was making the argument that he was being forced to learn useless information. This time he was decrying the futility of mastering step functions in math class. In an attempt to defend the value of […]

  5. Start-up Summer Playlist

    I’ve been noticing lines from certain songs that seem strangely applicable to entrepreneurship. Call this list a kind of distillation of rock insights into the world of the start-up. Not too great of a leap when you think about it. Rock is about audacity, freedom, individuality and a few other things not suitable for this […]