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  1. The Founder Has Left The Building…Part 3

    As Top Gun is winding down, it seemed appropriate to finish off this three-part posting on my customer development efforts. My last posts discussed online surveys and 3rd party market research. Now onto arguably the most important aspect of customer development, getting out there yourself and soliciting live feedback on your new idea. Back in Silicon Valley […]

  2. The Founder Has Left The Building…Part 2

    3rd Party Market Research Now astute readers of my last post will be thinking: an online survey is fine but there still could have been bias on the part of respondents. Another drawback was the lack of a hands-on prototype demo. These two pitfalls eventually prompted me to look for a third party to do […]

  3. The Founder Has Left The Building…Part 1

    I’ve yet to post many specifics on what I’m actually doing to start my company and commercialize NeuroCheck. There are good reasons not to share too many details on what’s happening at this stage. Some topics would bore people to death. Others are too sensitive to broadcast. Sifting through the possibilities, I’ve decided to write […]

  4. Props to Mr. Descartes

    As I delve into the suggested reading for Top Gun, I’ve been surprised by some striking similarities with my medical training. In particular, it appears that the venerable scientific method has at long last found its way into the realm of entrepreneurship. Building on the work of ancient Greek scientists ranging from Thales and Aristotle […]

  5. Customer #1: The Man from ABBA

    The call came in early one evening a few weeks ago. My wife, Laurie, picked up. She covered the phone and skeptically whispered something about “…a guy who used to play guitar with ABBA wants to talk about your electronic tuning fork”.  Really?  A musician who played with Swedish super group ABBA wants to chat […]