1. Innomed Now Offering OrthoLucent™ O’Brien Bone Clamp

    The company is pleased to announce the release of Innomed’s latest version of the O’Brien clamp. It’s made of a carbon fiber PEEK material that is strong, lightweight, completely radiolucent, can be steam sterilized, and helps to prevent from marring component surfaces.  

  2. New Study Confirms Neuropathy as Leading Risk Factor for Diabetic Ulcers

    A large new study has found that 98% of those diabetic patients with foot ulcers had neuropathy signs. Kahn et al  assessed 2052 diabetic patients with and without diabetic foot ulcers (DFU).  The leading risk factor by far in the DFU group was neuropathy followed by obesity, waist circumference and dyslipidemia. Interestingly, over 17% of […]

  3. MIPS Quality Measure #126-Diabetic Foot Neurological Exam

      CMS has recently updated its MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) Quality Measures. Measure #126 continues to be retained for performance of neurological exams on the feet of diabetic patients. As Measure Steward for this indicator, APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) has done an excellent job creating a flowchart on implementation. Consistent with prior years, […]

  4. Diabetic Amputation Rates on the Rise

    A new study by Geiss from Diabetes Care reveals a disturbing trend toward increasing rates of lower extremity amputations in young (18-44 y/o) and middle-aged (45-64 y/o) diabetic patients. This comes after a two-decade long decline in amputation rates in all diabetic patients. The study noted this upward spike in data collected from 2010-2015 in the US. […]

  5. ETF128 Successfully Registered with Italian Health Ministry

    The company is gratified to announce successful registration of the ETF128 with the Italian Ministry of Health, clearing the way for entry into the Italian market. This is an important milestone as it is represents the company’s first expansion into the EU. The company plans to sell its products through an authorized representative per Ministry […]