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  1. The Link Between Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy, Depression and Ulcer Recurrence

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    As our current customers know, the ETF has a Constant Mode setting calibrated to the same vibration output as the 25v level on the biothesiometer. This allows users to rapidly evaluate neurological status by reproducing an established vibration perception threshold (VPT) value for diabetic neuropathy testing at the hallux. The importance of this threshold value was again highlighted in a landmark study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. This article written by Drs. Armstrong, Boulton and Bus reviewed the current thinking on diabetic ulcers and their recurrence. In their review, the authors site an article by Monami et al. linking depression with slower ulcer healing rates in diabetics. The article also notes a 12.05 odds ratio for ulcer recurrence in diabetic patients with vibration perception thresholds >25v when combined with depressive symptoms. This finding supports the link between diabetic neuropathy, depression and ulcer recurrence again highlighting the need to integrate behavioral health into the medical mainstream.

    ETFMx displays 128 Hz Constant Mode