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  1. ETF Clinical Case: Morton’s Neuroma

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    A 39 year old female presented complaining of pain at the 3rd interspace of the right foot of a one year duration. She denied trauma or other initiating events leading to her foot pain. She noted sharp, intermittent pain aggravated by all closed shoes. She used acetominophen for pain relief with limited results.

    Physical exam revealed pain on dorsal to plantar compression of the 3rd interpace right foot which was sharp in nature. ETF128 timed vibration test(TVT) was 7.8s on the 4th digit right, 13.5s on the 4th digit left confirming neurological deficit on the right.

    Diagnosis of Morton’s neuroma was made and conservative care initiated.




    *ETF clinical cases are presented to demonstrate the diagnostic utility of the ETF128. Cases are derived from actual ETF customer practices. Customers are encouraged to submit their own cases for future posts.