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  1. ETF Clinical Case: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

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    A 49 year old male initially presented with a 10 year history of bilateral heel pain and numbness. Tinel’s sign was positive over the tarsal tunnel. His ETF TVT (timed vibration test) at the hallux was 3.2s left, 5.2s right. The patient went on to fail conservative care and eventually had NCV/EMGs confirming tarsal tunnel syndrome bilaterally. The patient chose to undergo a tarsal tunnel release on the left foot as it was the more symptomatic. Post-op ETF TVT was 11.7s confirming improved large nerve fiber function. The patient noted a subjective restoration of sensation and 0/10 pain level at one month post-op.



    Posterior Tibial Nerve viewed within the Tarsal Tunnel




    *ETF clinical cases are presented to demonstrate the diagnostic utility of the ETF128. Cases are derived from actual ETF customer practices. Customers are encouraged to submit their own cases for future posts.