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  1. WHO Diabetes Report: 422 million cases of diabetes worldwide

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    Last week, The World Health Organization (WHO) released its Global Report on Diabetes. This sobering document cited a nearly 400% increase in the know cases of diabetes since 1980. The estimated number of patients with diabetes now stands at a staggering 422 million. In light of these findings, WHO has urged a renewed focus on prevention and management of diabetes and its complications including lower limb infections and amputations.

    As the cited throughout the medical literature, the incidence of diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) among diabetic patients is at least 50%. This translates into over 200 million diabetic patients with DPN globally. This is particularly troubling as DPN is the leading precursor of diabetic foot complications. Given these startling statistics, it is more important than ever to accurately diagnose and track the progression of DPN in this patient population.

    The ETF128 is ideally suited to assist medical professionals in this daunting task. This simple yet sophisticated instrument can provide early detection of DPN and quantitative documentation enabling tracking over time. Additionally, its ergonomic design and portability make it a truly point-of-care instrument easily incorporated into any clinical exam.