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Early-stage Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Diagnosis

O’Brien Medical introduces the ETF128, an exciting new instrument for the neurodiagnostics market. The ETF128   is now commercially available after a five year development and testing process.

Physicians have long known that 128 Hz tuning fork is the most sensitive of the commonly used neurological screening tests available in clinical practice. The ETF¹²⁸(Electronic Tuning Fork/128 Hz) builds on this foundation and takes it to the next level. The ETF does this by electronically reproducing the most valuable features of the traditional tuning fork.

Improved Prevention for Limb Loss

The improved accuracy and reproducibility afforded by this approach has been combined with an integrated timing function. The result is a modern medical instrument allowing physicians to diagnose diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) at earlier stages. Prompt diagnosis of this condition is critical as neuropathy is known to be the key precursor leading to foot ulcers, infections and amputations. Armed with the ETF, physicians will be able to more rapidly implement preventative strategies aimed at reducing limb loss.

  • First medical-grade 128 Hz Electronic Tuning Fork
  • Ideal for risk stratification and tracking of pedal DPN, entrapment neuropathy, fall risk, pre-/post-operative nerve release
  • Standardized timed vibration testing between patients and providers
  • Quantitative documentation for EMR requirements
  • Five vibration amplitude modes: Descending, Ascending, Constant, Fx Test and Vibroception Average*
  • Simple ergonomic design

*Average of ascending and descending vibration amplitudes


ETF Customer Testimonials

“I have found the ETF to be an invaluable clinical tool when assessing peripheral neuropathy. Patients also appreciate the quantifying of objective results.”

Michael Theodoulou, DPM Cambridge, MA

“I use my ETF several times daily in my busy Internal Medicine practice.  It is an easy to use and accurate measurement for diagnosis and tracking of diabetic peripheral neuropathy.  I have found the device also serves as a useful educational tool to discuss neuropathy and prevention with patients.”

Mita Gupta, MD Chatham, MA


“I use the ETF daily. It is a great screening tool but maybe even more importantly a great teaching tool. The commercial unit is slick and easy to use.”

Gregory Catalano, DPM  Concord, MA


“… I am completely confident in the findings of the ETF. I use it several times daily and it’s a huge time saver. The patients like it too since it’s simple and easy to understand.”

Shannon Meredith, DPM  Falmouth, ME



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