Today’s Neuropathy Screening

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy for 2023

The American Diabetes Association’s new Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes recommendations for 2023 have advised screening of all diabetic patients for large fiber neuropathy with a 128Hz tuning fork. The recommendations cited testing both small and large fiber nerves. Clinicians are advised that small nerve fiber screening may be done with temperature or pinprick testing. The standing recommendations for 10 gm monofilament testing and annual foot exams remains are unchanged.

Diabetes & Foot Complications

The importance of these recommendations is underscored by a recent report in JAMA indicating that healthcare spending on diabetes topped a list of the 155 most common disease conditions in the U.S. Previous research has demonstrated that spending on diabetic foot complications alone may be as high as 33% of the economic burden of diabetes on the U.S. healthcare system. Both these findings support the strategic implementation of aggressive prevention including diabetic foot exams.

Today’s DPN Screening Tools

ETF128 Neuropathy Screening Tool.O’Brien Medical electronic tuning forks represent technology in step with 2023 ADA recommendations and takes vibration testing to the next level for clinicians. Improved sensation testing with three frequencies, integrated functionality, and more accurate, reproducible screenings are being used in the podiatric environment, and this testing changes the landscape of screening under today’s newest standards. ETF instruments are ideal for assessment and tracking of pedal DPN, entrapment neuropathy, carpal tunnel, radiculopathy, fall risk, and pre-/post-operative nerve release, all with better more ergonomic design.

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