SutureSafe-Available for License

Suture needles are the number one cause of sharps injuries in the OR.

SutureSafe® is a forceps-mounted, foam-filled cylinder designed to help minimize the risk of injuries associated with suture needles. SutureSafe® is easily affixed to any standard forceps by simply sliding it securely into place over the non-working end. SutureSafe® can be prepped with a suture needle to facilitate safe handling on and off the surgical field.

Features and Benefits:

  • An innovative sharps control solution
  • Designed to reduce the risk of accidental injury from the suture needle.
  • No exposure to suture needle during handling
  • Simple to use: Easily mounts to any standard forceps
  • Helps meet OSHA’s regulations to reduce exposure to bloodborne pathogens

US patent # 7,763,038

Currently seeking licensing partners for this product.

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