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The ETFMx is the latest offering from O’Brien Medical.

O’Brien Medical introduces the ETFMx multi-frequency electronic tuning fork. Building on the success of the ETF128, the Mx takes vibration testing to the next level. Now clinicians can test patient’s sensation with the three most used frequencies in medicine, 64, 128 and 256 Hz. This multi-frequency instrument saves time and money by essentially integrating three tuning forks into one.


  • First medical-grade multi-frequency Electronic Tuning Fork
  • Ideal for assessment and tracking of pedal DPN, entrapment neuropathy, carpal tunnel, radiculopathy, fall risk, pre-/post-operative nerve release
  • Standardized timed vibration testing between patients and providers
  • Quantitative documentation for EMR requirements
  • Three vibration amplitude modes: Descending, Ascending, Constant,
  • Two additional functions for 128Hz mode: Fx Test and Vibroception Average*
  • Simple ergonomic design

*Average of ascending and descending vibration amplitudes



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